The Hunt [pt 1]

  I could never tell anyone about my fearless friend, that I enjoyed his company on those nights when I found myself trotting along in my wolf form. But one morning, I was carefree and soaring through a majestic forest covered in moss with singing birds, flowers, and thick, lush, wavy grass that felt like a carpet under my paws. The sun was trying to peer through the thick trees but was cut off by the heavy limbs that drug the ground with moss. To my right, through the shadows, were two more wolves racing toward me. They had stealth in their style, their noses high in the air, and their long slender legs in tune with one another. Their bodies were covered in shiny, thick fur from the nose to the tail. When they reached me, one at each side, we trotted in tune together, like a pack through the forest, hunting, searching for something. Only I never had a clue until a creature stepped from behind a tree into our path.

It stood tall on its hind legs with a broad chest and wide head under two long, narrow ears. The shiny nose sniffed the air when we came to a sliding stop on our rumps. The two wolves that were with me moved closer inward for comfort, I thought. But they began to lick the sides of my face with their warm tongues, lapping over the snout. I felt uncharacteristic with each touch of the tongues  loving every stroke. It made me want more, and they gave in to my nudges of affection.

I was so busy being pampered that I had forgotten about the thing in our path until it spoke in a growling tone that nearly scared the hide off me.

Well, we meet at last. I had hoped to see you a lot sooner, but now it is as good as any. I see you love affection, so soon, I’ll show you pleasure.” It laughed, then turned and walked off into the vanishing sun. With my attention taken by the thing, so were the other wolves when I looked around to find I was alone. As the light grew dim, a bone-chilling howl rang out that made my fur tingle on the ends. With a whining woof, I turned-tail and run  like there was no tomorrow.


When I woke up from the dream, I was sitting upright in bed feeling scared of the thing. “Only, it was a dream, right?” I asked myself. I had many of those dreams on my return from the fort, but that was the first with that creature in them. Other times, I was led into a devilish mischief of digging holes, of how to lie and then get what I wanted. I didn’t understand what it meant with “we meet again,” so I ignored the thought. But there were times when I felt devilish inside, only to push it away in fear of letting it get to me and liking the way it felt. And then there were many times I wanted to just let go and run with the wind, howl at the moon, or just get into mischief I knew would lead to trouble. My whole being yearned to be free out there with the others as each day passed, and it grew stronger.

With Kimmi in mind, I grabbed the covers, tossing them off as I leaned over to sit up on the side of the bed, glaring out the window and feeling the soft wind that came through. I was supposed to see her that day, so I quickly grabbed clothes, and then jotted over to the bathroom for a shower. When I was done and dressed in slouchy shorts with a half shirt and sneakers, I rushed down the stairs toward the front door. But before I could lay a hand on the knob, Mae yelled from the kitchen, “Luke, Tom’s on the phone for you.” I snapped a finger in the air and U-turned toward the kitchen.

I took the phone from Mae’s hand, coming through the doorway. “Hello, Tom,” I said as I stuck the receiver to my ear.

“Have you seen Daniel this morning?” Tom sounded unusually different but quick and to the point.


I was lying in bed in a hotel room with a young girl I had met at the lake not so long ago. She had shown me the pleasures I never known before. She was sitting over me bare-assed as I was when she leaned over and kissed me. Firmly taking  her into my arms, I rolled over on top of her, and we made love again. What I didn’t know was what was to come.

                                                                       TO BE CONTINUED

                                                Written by Patsy Deppe, author of Waya’s Chosen


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